Window Styles

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Awning Windows

Awning windows are a type of window that were most common on older houses. They open at the bottom and are often used in combination with other window styles. Modern awning windows are available in custom styles and timbers of your choice. They can be installed as single large windows or a series of smaller windows. The major benefits of this window style are, that it can be opened while raining without letting any water in. Additional ventilation provided to the room. When used in with combination with other windows awning windows can add height and additional light. With the advantage of opening from the bottom they have the advantage of being installed in places with a reach such as above the kitchen sink. 

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Casement Windows

A window that is attached to its frame by one or more hinges. A casement window is hinged at the side while an awning window is hinged from the top and ones that are hanged from the bottom are known as hoppers. When it opens it windes out similar to how a door opens. Just like the awning window, the casement has great ventilation and airflow control. A crank, stay or a friction hinge is necessary to hold the window in place when open. They are opened using a winder or a lever.

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Sash and Sashless Windows (Double hung window)

A sash window has two parts (sashes) that overlap slightly and slide up and down inside the frame.Currently most new double-hung sash windows use spring balances to support the sashes, but traditionally, counterweights held in boxes on either side of the window were used. These were and are attached to the sashes using pulleys of either braided cord or, later, purpose-made chain. Single-hung sash window has one sash that is movable (usually the bottom one) and the other fixed. This is the earlier form of sliding sash window. Horizontal sliding sash window has two or more sashes that overlap slightly but slide horizontally within the frame.

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Sliding Windows

This window style has a sliding sash which runs on metal tracks. An advantage of this window style is is that the sash is easily removable for cleaning and painting. It also offers excellent ventilation characteristics and is easily operated. As with most of our windows our sliding windows can be glazed with standard, toughened, laminated or double glazed.

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Bifold Windows

A Bifold window opens your home into a entertainment area within seconds. It is flexible and functional. The Bifold door can be hinged on either side of the of the frame and comes in 2, 3 or four panel options and can be custom made to consist of many. It functions by having the panels hinged together on a track so they slide and fold together.

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Louvre Windows

A  window that has blind or shutter with horizontal slats.

Stiff metallic mechanical Louvre windows are out of fashion. Modern Louvre windows use glass but traditional timber louvers are still commonly used. Cedar windows can provide you timeless beauty combined with ventilation and climate control at the flick of a leaver. Louver windows allow you to control noise, airflow and when fitted with timber blades or obscure glass privacy can be controlled too.

The window styles shown are a few examples of what we can manufacture. We have a wider range of window styles that can be made to order. Our windows can be manufactured to your own custom measurements and choice of timber species. Fly screen wires are optional with the choice of Timber or Aluminum (Colors available) Inclusive window hardware in a range or colors. (Lockable are available)