Choosing a Window & Door

"Why you should choose timber windows"


What you need to know when you choose a window or door


Windows and doors play a significant role in key areas of home construction, alteration and renovations. The windows and doors will have an impact on the design, look and character of the home, its functionality, the lifestyle it offers, energy efficiency and comfort (heating and cooling) and noise penetration. Windows and doors form a considerable investment as part of the overall value of a home.


When choosing windows, major areas of consideration should be:

  • Appearance of the home both internally and externally
  • The style/era of the home
  • Choice of material (substrate) and treatment (painting, staining)
  • Lifestyle and functionality
  • Ventilation and window positioning
  • Energy efficiency
  • Light and vista
  • Space


At Geelong Windows we have a team of qualified experts that can help you with all aspects of your window and door selection, based on what is important to you. This can be done on our premises which includes a showroom or in your home, it's your choice! Our sales team can also provide support and guidance on your options starting with a detailed analysis of your home plans and personalized help with custom designs. We look forward to assist you.